Kaito the Border Collie

London, UK and Amstelveen, Nederland

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This site is under construction


I was born April 2009 after Many Tears (of Carmarthen) rescued my Mum and Dad - Thank you Many Tears. Thank you also Bev and Chris, my foster family, for looking after my mum and helping to bring me and my brothers and sisters into this world.

I am now in London and starting a new, and hopefully, an exciting life. No, there are no sheep around here, but there is agility.

You can contact me at kaito@kaitothedog.com

In the meantime, here are a few pictures

My Mum, brothers and sisters


My Dad


What a way to arrive at my new home


Taking it easy in London

I would prefer a real bone


The kong is just for the photo. I normally chew everything else


Time to sort out the flowerpots


I finished eating the garden, now I start on the house


I don't know whose breakfast this was


Gardening lesson - how to dig a neat hole


I just love the long grass